Travel Nostalgia Series- Best of USA East Coast 2010

USA East Coast, a trip full of memories I recollected. My heart sank as my hard disk crashed along with memories (read pictures) collected over years from so many travel diaries! I never intended to write about my travels which were this old, but I wanted to store my memories somewhere. What else could have been the best way other than jotting down the memories on this blog?

I found the only pictures which I have now of this trip on Facebook! I will be using these pictures in this post. Also, I don’t have the strongest memory, but the captions on these pictures on Facebook helped too!

USA Flight - I For Explore

I remember this plane journey clearly. I wasn’t ever on any plane or even a domestic flight before I took this 16 hour long flight from Mumbai to New York. I was apprehensive but thrilled at the same time.

I did this trip so many years ago, there was no WhatsApp, rather no mobile internet network. My friend had given me an AT&T SIM card which surprisingly did not work in any of the places I visited. I was rather surprised that my Airtel worked!

I remember a phone call of one minute had costed me about 180 rupees and my balance went into a negative value with that call after which I had no access at all to phone calls. My phone did not have a fancy camera, or if I correctly remember, no camera at all. I had carried a small canon digital camera which I used to click pictures there.

USA - New York -Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore

As I landed and collected my bags, I was excited and up for hopefully a good experience. I took the taxi to the hotel, was observing the super tall skyscrapers which I had never seen before.

Places I visited in New York, USA

I reached the hotel and later decided to see the Times Square. I don’t remember the sequence after that but I remember seeing the Times Square, New York Stock Exchange, the Wall Street Bull, Ground Zero, Rockefeller Plaza and the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Manhattan - Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore
Yellow Taxis in New York
USA Times Square New York- Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore
Times Square -Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore
Around the Times Square
Building Opposite Ground Zero - I For Explore
The building from where I saw Ground Zero
Ground Zero - Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore
Ground Zero (The World Trade Center site)
Statue of Liberty - New York - I For Explore
Statue of Liberty
View From Rockefeller - Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore
View From Rockefeller
New Jersey - Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore
New Jersey

Places I visited in Washington DC, USA

In Washington, I remember seeing the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Washington Monument, United States Capitol and the National Air and Space Museum.

White House - Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore
White House
United States Capitol - Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore
United States Capitol
Jefferson Memorial - Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore
Jefferson Memorial
Lincoln Memorial Away - Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore
Lincoln Memorial
Abraham Lincoln - Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore
Lincoln Memorial
Somewhere in Washington - Travel Nostalgia - I For Explore
Somewhere in Washington D.C.
National Air and Space Museum Washington DC
Moon Rock at the National Air and Space Museum Washington D.C.

Experience at Niagara Falls, American Falls

The experience at Niagara was the highlight of the trip for me. At the Niagara Falls State Park, you can do a lot of things. I saw the Niagara Falls in the day as well as colorful and illuminated at night. The light show was a thrilling but scary experience. The sound of the water gushing in the background was scary, but the illumination of the falls was so pretty.

The “Cave of the Winds” attraction was an experience in itself. We were given ponchos and slip-proof footwear to view the falls from Observation Decks as a part of this experience.

Cave of the Winds Deck - I For Explore
Cave of the Winds Observation Decks.
Cave of the Winds- Nostalgia - I For Explore
Cave of the winds- I For Explore
View from the closest observation deck. This also happens to be one of my favorite pictures from Niagara.

From where I was standing in the park, I remember seeing the Goat Island, American Falls, a part of Canada and Horseshoe Falls as well as the Rainbow Bridge which connects the USA side to the Ontario side of Canada.

Horseshoe falls Part - I For Explore
Rainbow bridge - I For Explore
Rainbow Bridge

I also took the “Maid of the Mist” boat ride which took us very close to the falls towards the Canada side. Since the Horseshoe Falls are not clearly visible from the USA side, this particular boat ride is a must thing to do!

Maid of the Mist- I For Explore
“Maid of the Mist” boat ride.
American Falls- I For Explore
American Falls from the boat.
Towards Horseshoe Falls - I For Explore
Going towards the Horseshoe Falls.

We went very close to the falls but like I mentioned, I lost the pictures.

Being my first international trip, this one is very close to my heart. If I get an opportunity, I will definitely visit these places again! They say that “Travelling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”, and guess what, it turned me into one!

Signing off from the first post from the Travel Nostalgia Series. Will be back soon with another post.

Until then, check out regular and recent travel updates on Instagram.

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