Enjoy Middle Eastern Cuisine at Cafe Arabia, Seasons Mall

Cafe Arabia as the name suggests, is known for it’s Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Arabic and Mediterranean cuisine. With people wanting to try new and different cuisines these days, such places are always welcome.  Cafe Arabia has 4 outlets in Pune.

Cafe Arabia Location

What I Had in Cafe Arabia Seasons Mall Pune

Deconstructed Falafel Salad

Crisp bite sized falafels, lettuce, beet, parsley, olives, mixed peppers topped with sesame seeds and a lemon tahini dressing, a dressing made from ground sesame seeds. Falafel is a crispy fried chickpeas patty. This was one of the best falafel I have had.

Deconstructed Falafel Salad-cafe-arabia-pune

Fattoush Salad

Pita chips, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, mint, parsley, mix peppers tossed with sumac, a middle eastern spice and herbed vinaigrette dressing.

Fattoush Salad-cafe-arabia-magarpatta

Zaatar Chicken Salad

Grilled chicken strips, lettuce, red cabbage, olives, carrots, mixed peppers tossed with zaatar herbs and olive oil. Zaatar is a Middle Eastern Spice Blend.


Hummus Platter

Original Hummus, Jalepeno and Harissa Hummus, Mint and Zaatar Hummus, Creamy Pesto Hummus.

Hummus Platter-cafe-arabia-pune

Hummus Topped with Seared Mushrooms served with grilled Zaatar Bread

Now, this literally tastes like Middle Eastern Pizza. It is a must try. The bread has a good dash of the Middle Eastern Zaatar spice blend and the mushroom is cooked to perfection.

Hummus Topped with Seared Mushrooms served with grilled Zaatar Bread-cafe arabia

Falafel Platter

This one is again a must try. The falafel here is simply amazing. Chickpea balls spiced lightly and golden fried served with a portion of hummus, toum ,which is a garlic sauce served with pickles, spiced harissa and pita bread.


Chicken Shawarma Platter

A plateful of thin slices of pit roasted chicken, served on a bed of salad and toum, served with pickles, spiced harissa and pita bread.


Spiced Beetroot Kebabs

Gently spiced minced vegetables and beetroot stuffed shallow fried kebabs. This was on the tasting menu and was on the spicy side and was not really balanced.


Grilled Mushroom

Marinated mushrooms in zaatar oil and garlic, grilled and served with toum on skewers.

Grilled Mushroom-cafe-arabia-pune

Al Fahm

Yellow chilli infused creamy marinated chicken legs served with toum. A nice and rich kebab.

Al Fahm-cafe arabia-pune

Paneer Shawarma on Herbed Rice

Spiced paneer strips, served on a bed of buttered herbed rice with side salad and hummus. This was full of flavor.


Al Kabsa

Chicken whole leg Arabic styled biryani flavored with orange zest served with eggs.

Al-Kabsa-cafe arabia pune


A rich sweet pastry made of layer of filo topped with glazed chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup. This was a bit extra sweet for my liking.

Baklawa-Cafe arabia pune


Traditional Middle Eastern sweet cake made from cooked semolina and coconut soaked in honey. For me, the Basbusa was better than the Baklava here.


Overall a good place to have Middle Eastern food. Surprisingly I liked the vegetarian menu more here. Would return to have most of the things here again as the place is VFM.

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